Flynn: 'Secondary playing the ball a lot better'

Flynn: 'Secondary playing the ball a lot better'
November 21, 2012, 5:03 am
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Mike Flynn joins Gary Tanguay and Lou Merloni on Sports Tonight to do a little preview of the Pats-Jets game.

So, what does think Flynn think about the Pats chances on a short turnaround? He still likes them, but knows that it complicates matters more for the Pats being on the road.

"To me I always think the home team would be easier on a short week but especially the holiday week. You're comfortable at home whereas these guys probably have family in for a couple days here. They fly out Wednesday and then come back, probably have a lot of stuff on their mind. But both teams are in the same boat. I think it hurts the Patriots in the fact that Chandler Jones, Logan Mankins, those guys don't have two extra days to heal. But you flip it around too, it's against the Jets. They know the Jets."

Lou Merloni agrees, saying a short week helps an underdog out.

So will the Jets compete again this game? They did well defensively the first game, taking away the middle of the field and forcing Brandon Lloyd to make plays which he didn't.

And speaking of defense, Flynn sees some improvement in the Pats.

"You watch that game against the Colts and you look at the numbers take the numbers out of it but if you just watch it with the eyes, they were making more plays with the football."