Fix It: NFL rules, MLB game length, NBA Lottery

Fix It: NFL rules, MLB game length, NBA Lottery
March 27, 2014, 10:00 am
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Bill Belichick's impassioned plea -- OK, let's try gentle suggestion  -- to the NFL Competition Committee about changing some rules inspired our Sports Tonight crew to suggest other fixes need in sports.

Michael Felger, Lou Merloni and Marc "The Beetle" Bertrand take on the NFL, MLB and the NBA draft lottery.

On the NFL, Bertrand wants to go further than Belichick's suggestion of extending the uprights 5 more feet on the goalposts.

"Put cameras on the uprights and even take it a step further and put a sensor in the football," Bertrand said. "I want to know with laser-precision whether a kick is good or not.

Merloni's NFL beef: "Why is their only one player designated to return off IR?" he asked. "Shane Vereen goes down and he's the only one allowed to come back. Why can't you bring back three or four?"

Felger hates pass interference: "I would like a de-emphasis of contact in the secondary. Pass interference flags ruins more football games than any other call."

Baseball games are too long. MLB's solution? Shorten the songs batters have when they walk up to the plate. Seriously?

"It's embarrassing that the league is trying to shorten up walk-up songs," Merloni said. "It's even worse for a player to say 'I'm only get 15 seconds for my walk-up song?".

Said Bertrand: "If you're going to fix something in the game, this is what you're going to fix? So, Clay Buchholz will still be able to rub the Bullfrog [sunscreen] all over himself and take two minutes between pitches. The music? That's what they chose to fix? That's embarrassing."

Here's a suggestion the trio liked for the NBA Lottery: A tournament of losers. Have the non-playoff teams square off in a tournament with the winner getting the top pick.

Get your brackets out for that one.