Fill in the blank: Franchise you hate most is _______

Fill in the blank: Franchise you hate most is _______
December 5, 2013, 11:30 pm
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What sports franchise do you hate the most? That's any easy question for "Uno Sports Tonight" host Michael Felger.

"When the Bruins play the Montreal Canadiens, I turned into a flaming, footy-pajama wearing Bruins homer," Felger said as he, Bob Neumeier and Boston Herald columnist Ron Borges played a game of "Fill in the blank."

Borges' pick? "The Heat," he said "I can't get out of my mind that whole 'not five, not six, not seven [championships prediction from LeBron James]' out of my head."

Another blank to fill: Danny Ainge statement that Rajon Rondo needs to miss a few more weeks to recover from knee surgery is _____________________?

"A lie," Borges said. "He can sit until St. Patrick's Day. Why bring him back?"

Felger agreed, saying it really doesn't make sense if the Celtics are looking to be as bad as they can for draft purposes.

Finally, the starting center fielder for the Boston Red Sox next season will be _______________?

"Jackie Bradley Junior," Borges said. "They're almost trapped into it, now. Whether he's still doing it in June, we'll see?"

Co-host Bob Neumeier disagreed.

"To me, it's Shane Victorino [moving from right field]," Neumeier said. "I don't think they believe in Jackie Bradley at this point."

Neumeier added that he didn't think the Red Sox wanted to start the season with rookies Xander Bogaerts AND Bradley in the lineup together to start the season.