Felger: Talib made great plays like Ty Law


Felger: Talib made great plays like Ty Law

There probably wasn't a single Patriots fan out there that wasn't interested in seeing what Aqib Talib could bring to the team's secondary.

After the first game, there's a better idea. Talib was sketchy on a couple plays, but that's not a shock considering it's his first game. He did, though, intercept a pass that he then returned for a touchdown.

"Big plays -- you know, that's who Aqib Talib is," Mike Felger said on CSNNE's Patriots Postgame Live. "He had three interception returns for touchdowns heading into this game. Now he's got four in his career. So he's a little bit like the man to my left here Ty Law that if you make a mistake in his area, he can take advantage of it and then take it back to the house. And I thought that's exactly why they brought him in; that big play.

Whoa, Felgy. Talib in the same sentence as THE Ty Law? Let's hear from the man himself on how Talib looked:

"I thought he played OK for what it's worth," Law said. "He didn't have a great game and I don't think anybody expected him to have a great game when he got left in one-on-one situations. I think those are just coming with the repetitions because he was there on the touchdown pass. he just went in and tried to get it with the wrong arm ... those are the things that are going to come back and that's all muscle memory as far as I'm concerned. He'll be a lot better and he's going to be a definite asset to this secondary."