Felger: 'I would take anyone in the NHL over KG in a fight'


Felger: 'I would take anyone in the NHL over KG in a fight'

Who would win in a fight, Kevin Garnett or Zdeno Chara?

Felger, Mazz, and Marc Bertrand discuss the topic after a Twitter remark sparks the debate.  Felger made it clear that Chara isn't the only NHL player he would take over Garnett in a fight.

"I would take, almost literally, anyone in the NHL over Kevin Garnett.  For one simple reason.  When was the last time Kevin Garnett got hit in the face?" argued Michael Felger. "Anyone who fights for a living, or is used to getting hit, is going to take down the guy who has never been hit.  It's just a truism, I don't care how big you are."

Felger brings up a conversation he had with Shawn Thornton about who he wouldn't want to fight in the NHL.  Even he doesn't want to fight Chara.

"No one wants to go against 6'7" 270," continued Felger. "No one wants to fight Zdeno Chara in the National Hockey League, never mind the NBA with their slapping fights."


Report: Celtics’ pick Demetrius Jackson gets 4-year, $5.5M deal


Report: Celtics’ pick Demetrius Jackson gets 4-year, $5.5M deal

The Celtics and second-round pick Demetrius Jackson have finalized a four-year, $5.5 millon contract, Adam Himmelsbach of The Boston Globe reported.

Jackson, a point guard out of Notre Dame, was the 45th overall pick. He was projected by some as a first-rounder before the draft and the first year of his deal is likely to be guaranteed. Last year, Celtics’ second-round pick Jordan Mickey signed a four-year, $5 million deal as the 33rd pick overall.

Jackson will face plenty of training camp competition in a crowded group of backcourt players for the C’s. 

Patriots celebrate 15-year anniversary of 2001 team with videos, Hall exhibit


Patriots celebrate 15-year anniversary of 2001 team with videos, Hall exhibit

The Patriots have announced a series of initiatives to celebrate the 2001 Super Bowl championship team on the 15th aniversary of their title-winning season.

Throughout the course of the 2016 season, the Patriots will feature special content online and on Patriots All-Access that will lead up to Dec. 4, when Gillette Stadium will host a reunion of the 2001 team during halftime of the Patriots-Rams regular-season matchup. 

The Patriots have already featured images of moments from the 2001 campaign on tickets for their eight regular-season home games. They'll also have a special exhibit dedicated to the 2001 team at The Hall at Patriot Place beginning in the fall. In addition, issues of Patriots Football Weekly this year will include posters of shots from the 2001 season. 

"The Super Bowl XXXVI win over the Rams was the first championship for our team and will always hold a very special place in our hearts," Patriots chairman and CEO Robert Kraft said in a statement. "The victory made everyone that ever wore a Patriots uniform or rooted for the Patriots on the bleachers at Foxboro Stadium feel proud to be a fan. I know I am looking forward to reliving some of those great memories throughout the 2016 season."

The Patriots said that video vignettes of the 2001 season will launch this week on Twitter and Facebook as well as on Patriots.com.