Familiarity with facilities prompted Patriots to stay in States

Familiarity with facilities prompted Patriots to stay in States
October 25, 2012, 3:19 pm
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FOXBORO -- What's more beneficial, arriving in London early and practicing all week overseas, or practicing and preparing all week in your own building before making the long trip?

The Patriots and Rams have preferred different strategies, entering their Week 8 game in Europe.

On Wednesday, St. Louis coach Jeff Fisher talked about his reasoning for traveling on Monday. On Thursday, New England coach Bill Belichick chimed in about why he decided to wait until Thursday to leave for London.

"We talked about leaving Monday," said Belichick before Thursday's practice at Gillette Stadium. "We felt like there was probably an advantage to leaving Monday. But the drawback is, moving all your stuff out there. And we felt like we had a good week here with all our film, all our treatment, all our familiarity we have with what we're doing. We felt like we could get a good week of preparation in at this end, and then make the travel adjustment on Friday, and have a normal Saturday and Sunday out there.

"I'm sure probably either one could work. It was our preference. Had it gone the other way, we'd still be ready to play. We did what we felt was best."