Do Patriots deserve blame for PED suspensions?


Do Patriots deserve blame for PED suspensions?

Mike Felger joins Andy Gresh on Sports Tonight to discuss how much blame -- if any -- the Patriots should take for their players testing positive for PED's.

"I don't think at all," Felger said. "I mean, they probably know what's going on, but I think like every team they encourage their players to be in the best shape they possibly can be, to do everything they can to be healthy, and big, and strong, and fast, and then they hold their breath that no one fails a test."

Gresh mentions a Gatorade deal preventing trainers from giving certain players protein shakes and replacement fuels. Is that turning players to other substances?

Felger doesn't seem to go that far, essentially saying that players getting caught just aren't smart enough to get around the NFL's testing.