The Dino Radja Experience: Episode 4

The Dino Radja Experience: Episode 4

When they speak of the greatest athletes in Boston sports history, the conversation invariably turns to Dino Radja.

The majestic 6-foot-10 big man dominated the parquet from 1993-97, and in the process left an indelible legacy on the city and it's fans.

The Dino Radja Experience (DRE) is a podcast tribute to his wonder.

Every week on the DRE, host Rich Levine and a roster of rotating guests sit down to discuss all that matters in the Boston sports scene (and a few things that don't matter at all). It's casual, light-hearted, and, best of all, it's free.

So have a listen. Please?

Today's guest: SportsNet Central's Carolyn Manno