Did Olympic tie-breaker unfairly prevent Raisman from medal?


Did Olympic tie-breaker unfairly prevent Raisman from medal?

Needham's own Aly Raisman competed in the women's all-around gymanstics final on Thursday, finishing just short of medaling in 4th place. But Raisman actually finished tied for third place with Allya Mustafina (, before a tiebreaking rule sealed her fate.

The rule essentially takes each competitor's lowest score out of the four events, and whoever has the higher total score of the three remaining events wins the tiebreaker.

As stated on NBC's Olympic site, "The lowest scores for both gymnasts were dropped, and the remaining three were added up. That gave Mustafina a total of 45.933 and Raisman 45.366."

But wouldn't that mean that Raisman was better "all-around" then Mustafina? That leads us to the UNO's Sports Tonight Question of the Day:

Did the Olympic tie-breaking rules unfairly prevent Raisman from earning a bronze medal?

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