Did Edler cause Bruins to misread market?

Did Edler cause Bruins to misread market?
March 7, 2014, 8:45 pm
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"You don't get credit for almost landing a deal. You didn't make your team any better." - Mike Felger

Alex Edler isn't coming to Boston. Neither are any other big-name players. 

On Arbella Early Edition, Gary Tanguay and Mike Felger discuss the trade that didn't happen, and whether the Bruins shot themselves in the foot or dodged a bullet. 

"You give the Bruins a little bit of credit because [the Bruins] did go bigger [by pursuing a bigger-name player]," says Felger. "They did have something else in the works that really would have impacted their team.  

"On the other hand… you still didn’t close it. Close doesn’t count. You don’t get credit for almost landing a deal. You didn’t make your team any better."

The trade to acquire Edler was contingent on the Canucks completing another deal with the Penguins; a deal that didn't go through. 

Felger argues the Bruins could have done more if they truly believed Edler was their man. 

"If you were that hot after Alex Edler, could you have sweetened the pot a little bit to go get the player [and not make it contingent on the other trade]?"

As it is, the Bruins watched several other big-name players come off the board, and in the end, they settled for a much smaller trade that landed them Andrej Meszaros. Felger wonders if the Bruins didn't misread the market and wind up costing themselves a chance to improve their team.

"Did the Bruins pass on other big-name players because they thought they had Edler in their back pocket?"

If so, they made a gross error in judgement.