Dez Bryant kicked out of mall for bad fashion sense


Dez Bryant kicked out of mall for bad fashion sense

By Justin Aucoin

You know its the NFL offseason when the biggest story of the week is that Dez Bryant got booted from a mall for having his pants slung too low.

Just wow. We have LT getting sentenced for having sex with a 16-year-old prostitute but the big NFL story for the past day or so has been Bryants pants.

Priorities, America media. You have them wrong.

The incident in summary, because the entire situation is just stupid: The mall (Montreal???) called the cops to get Bryant removed for having his pants too low. Bryant said it was his friends pant that was too low. So who really knows?

First off, way to throw your buddy under the bus, Dez.

Secondly, were looking for evidence on the average level of Bryants pants.

Nothing crazy by any means. Sure, hes got horrible fashion taste for showing off his underwear (this isnt the 90s, Dez), but its not like he was mooning mall patrons.

Wed imagine that wouldve landed him an actual criminal charge.

Or maybe Dez was preparing for his lockout job as a plumber.

Honestly, this is just a preview of whats to come in a lockout season. Stories like this.

Get ready, NFL fans; its gonna be a long and bumpy ride.