Details of the NHL's new Collective Bargaining Agreement


Details of the NHL's new Collective Bargaining Agreement

Here are some of the details of the NHL's new Collective Bargaining Agreement, a 10-year deal with an opt-out clause that kicks in after the eighth year:

Salary Cap
The 2012-13 season will be a transition year the upper level is set at 60 million with teams allowed to spend up to 70.2 million. In year two, the cap will move to 64.3 million (the NHL met the NHLPAs request on that figure, as the league wanted it at 60 million),

The salary floor for both 2012-13 and 2013-14 is 44 million.

Contract LengthVariance
Term limit is set at seven years, eight if a player is re-signing with his own team. Salary variance is 35 percent and the final year cannot vary more than 50 per cent from the highest year.

Draft Lottery
All 14 non-playoff teams will get a shot at the first overall selection. Under the NHLs previous format, only the bottom four teams (26th through 30th place) were eligible to receive the No. 1 pick, and teams were only able move up a maximum of four spots and down a maximum of one spot.

The new format in similar to the NBA Draft Lottery.

Defined pension benefit in which the owners assume liability. According to CSN Philly's Tim Panaccio, Jets defenseman Ron Hainsey, who participated throughout the negotiations, called the plan "the centerpiece of the deal for the players".

Supplemental Discipline
Decisions will still be handled by Brendan Shanahan, but appeals will first go through NHL commissioner Gary Bettman. For suspensions of six games or more, a neutral third party will get involved.

The start of free agency will remain on July 1. The NHL had hoped to push it to July 10, but capitulated to the players desire to keep it at the start of the month.

Revenue sharing among clubs will increase to 200 million. Theres also a NHLPA-initiated growth fund of 60 million.

Brady, Harbaugh found common ground on plane ride back from Michigan


Brady, Harbaugh found common ground on plane ride back from Michigan

FOXBORO -- What could have been an awkward plane ride for Tom Brady and John Harbaugh was made less so thanks to a high school lacrosse player. 

Brady and Harbaugh shared a private plane back from Michigan where Jim Harbaugh and his University of Michigan program put on an event for National Signing Day. About a year earlier, Brady told a room full of reporters that Harbaugh and his coaching staff should study the rule book and "figure it out" after hearing that they were pretty upset about the unusual formations the Patriots ran during their AFC Divisional Round win over Baltimore. 

They may not have been on the best of terms.

"I was pissed off," he told ESPN's Ian O'Connor before the start of this season. "It was uncalled for. And the rules are deeper than that, and I know the rules, and I stand by why that play shouldn't have been allowed. ... So yeah, that should never have been said."

But on the flight was Harbaugh's daughter Alison, a high school lacrosse player. When Brady took some time to share a few thoughts on competitiveness with her, he and Harbaugh found common ground.

"We had a lot of fun," Harbaugh said of the flight. "I don't know if he's talked about that at all, but we ended up sharing a plane ride along with my daughter and a couple of his people, friends of his. We just had a chance to just talk for a couple hours. And really more than anything, Alison got a chance to listen to Tom Brady talk about competing and what it takes to be great at what you do.

"And one of the funny things about it was, he was so nice to her. He gets off and they go, and we get back on the plane and we're talking, and she says something like, 'Boy, Tom really is a nice guy.' And I look at here and go, 'Tom?' I'm thinking 'Mr. Brady' would have been more appropriate. She said, 'He said to call me Tom.' I got a kick out of that.

"It was good. Lot of respect for him and a lot of respect for what he's accomplished. He's very tough to compete against. The best quarterback that's played, certainly in this era, without question in my mind. That's how I would rank him. And it's just another tough challenge to have to play against him."

Lowry, Sullinger and Blount interrupt interview with DeRozan

Lowry, Sullinger and Blount interrupt interview with DeRozan

DeMar DeRozan didn't get a chance to answer one question in his postgame interview before being interrupted by Kyle Lowry, Jared Sullinger, and LeGarrette Blount.