DeOssie: Track meet Patriots best chance

DeOssie: Track meet Patriots best chance
January 9, 2013, 6:27 am
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Steve Deossie joined Mike Felger and Gary Tanguay on Sports Tonight to discuss what the Patriots need to do to really put pressure on Houston Sunday.

Felger thinks they should try to turn this thing into a track meet, and Stebe DeOssie agrees 100-percent.

"You had to watch the game last week to realize that Foster carried the ball, what, 32 times, and throwing to him another seven or eight times," DeOssie said. "It's obvious that the don't think that Schaub is that guy right now that can open it up."

So how can the Pats do it? They've got a lot of options whether it's at wide receiver or tight end, including Rob Gronkowski who didn't play the last time the two teams met.