Curran: With Luck, Colts haven't missed a beat

Curran: With Luck, Colts haven't missed a beat
November 14, 2012, 4:14 am
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Is it safe to say that the Colts "Lucked" out?

After a dismal season without Peyton Manning, they said "bye bye" to him, and "hellooooo Andrew Luck".

Now, they're no longer a laughing stock, and Luck is the main reason why -- in just his rookie season.

"They haven't missed a beat except for of course the 2011 season, but you go from Peyton Manning who played at an extremely high level -- and I thought it was dubious to say 'OK, they're just going to get another No. 1 pick and have another golden child who comes in and plays at a high level?' -- well, apparently yes. I didn't know how bad the receiver were at Stanford relative to what he's ealing with now, and that to me is probably the biggest difference."

Speaking of better receivers, how about Reggie Wayne? He surprised many by signing back with the Colts, but it looks as if he made a good choice.

Curran has more on that in the video.