Curran, Holley, Thornton, Benz: What are the odds?

Curran, Holley, Thornton, Benz: What are the odds?
July 19, 2014, 8:00 am
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Gather round and place your bets. It's time to play another game of "What Are The Odds?"

The panelists on Town Fair Tire Sports Tonight debate the odds of a serious of sports scenarios.

What are the odds of an NFL team in London?

Jerry Thornton isn't buying, giving this one a zero percent chance of happening.

"My theory is this," says Thornton, "every time the Patriots float a good idea - get rid of the stupid extra point, being able to challenge any kind of penalty - the NFL just rejects it because it’s the Patriots. I think they're now taking Roger Goodell’s dumbest ideas and saying ‘we’re in favor of it' just so they’ll get rejected.”

But Michael Holley says this one is a near certainty, saying Thornton "couldn't be more wrong."

"This will happen, says Holley. "Not if it happens… This will happen because the NFL is looking for money in every corner and every crevice. They want that international market. They are going to put a team in London. It’s about marketing first, and what comes best for football second."

Tim Benz adds an interesting twist:

"I think 95% that it happens, 100% that it’s going to suck. 

"The NFL doesn’t put its neck on the line and make it sound like it wants to do something if it’s going to fail," says Benz. "This is already done, it’s just a matter of how they do it."

What are the odds Texans receiver Andre Johnson ends up in New England?

Patriots Insider Tom E. Curran says four percent.

"Because Bill O’Brien understands that the way to start that operation down there is not to trade away the only franchise icon that franchise has ever had," says Curran.

What are the odds Giancarlo Stanton becomes a member of the Red Sox? 

Once again, Benz is thinking outside the box:

10 percent chance that it happens this season, but 40 percent chance that it happens 'at some point'.