Curran to Brady: 'Sometimes you dress kinda weird'


Curran to Brady: 'Sometimes you dress kinda weird'

It started out as a normal press conference. Tom Brady took to the podium at Gillette Stadium and was asked about the Bills. He was asked about his bye week.

But things took a turn at the end of the presser when our Patriots Insider Tom E. Curran asked Brady about his wardrobe.

On Monday, Brady was spotted on Commonwealth Avenue for the moments leading up to the free Aerosmith concert. He was sporting black-rimmed glasses, a flesh-colored sweater and a stylish black overcoat.

"Saw you at the Aerosmith concert," Curran started. "Sometimes you dress kinda weird."

The room laughed.

"Thank you, thank you," Brady replied.

Curran dug deeper.

"What's going on there?" he asked. "Who does that? Do you lay that out?"

Brady, who struck a serious tone for much of the presser, finally cracked. His face went red. He smiled wide.

"I have no response to that," he said with a laugh.

After a few more questions, Brady thanked the media for joining him. As he left, he sarcastically thanked Curran for the fashion burn.

"Trying to keep it light," Curran replied. "You're very button-down today. I'm trying to keep it light."