Curran and Shaughnessy hash it out


Curran and Shaughnessy hash it out

The Boston Globe's Dan Shaughnessy ruffled a few feathers with his column essentially saying that the Patriots-Texans game is more like a bye week for New England.

A clip of the column famously made the Twitter avatar of Texans running back, Arian Foster.'s Tom E. Curran was on person who took exception to the column, wondering why somebody who covers baseball for the most part could and would be so confident about a game between two teams he doesn't know much about.

Curran sent out numerous tweets poking at Shaughnessy's knowledge of the game, and Shaughnessy responded by calling Curran's Quick Slants TV Show a "clown show" (we disagree!).

Curran also thinks Shaughnessy made the story about him, and not the game. Shaughnessy, however, says that Foster gave him that publicity by using a clip from his column - he didn't ask for it.

After a week of subtle and not-so-subtle shots, the two finally go face-to-face with Mike Felger on CSNNE's Patriots Pregame Live.

Check out the video.