Curran: All Jets can do is own up to train-wreck season


Curran: All Jets can do is own up to train-wreck season

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. - The Jets starting quarterback ran into an offensive linemans ass with his face.
And fumbled. And that fumble was returned for a touchdown. On national television. In prime time.
And the Jets explanation, supplied by their head coach?
Thats probably the first mistake hes made giving a handoff all season . . . Again, guys, its a one-in-a-zillion play. Im not sure what happened on it, but thats the reality of the play. In my opinion, its the first time that hes made that mistake all season.
So the starting quarterback and former fifth overall pick was due to run face-first into an ass. He was on borrowed time. We all knew it was coming
Well, I guess thats owning it.
This is where the Jets are. This is what theyve become. A cornucopia of absurd. Given the tenor of the Rex Ryan Era in New York, we could have imagined his End of Days on the Jets sideline would be spectacular, but this was too, too much.
A 49-19 loss to the Patriots in which the Patriots scored 35 second-quarter points and 21 points in 52 seconds.
In less than a minute, the Jets did things the Patriots dont do in five seasons. And if any one of those things happened on Bill Belichicks watch, you can be pretty sure he wouldnt be saying, Guys, weve all seen quarterbacks smash their faces off the guards hindquarters and drop the ball, havent we? Whats the big deal? Guys still are giving it every ounce. Theyre bleeding for me. And Im . . . Im bleeding for them.
No. One thinks not.
After this win that lifted the Patriots record to 8-3, I could have gone to hear what they had to say. But the Jets have an irresistible pull. Like a freak show. You know youre going to feel bad looking at it, but something makes you want to see just how bizarre it really is.
Step right up, step inside, you wont believe your ears or your eyes as the Amazing Shrinking Coach defines his quarterbacks night.
Mark . . . he had a 94 quarterback rating, said Ryan. I thought Mark threw the ball well.
Right into the arms of Patriots safety Steve Gregory in the first quarter to snuff a would-be Jets scoring drive. Just the sixth red-zone turnover of the season for Sanchez.
Ryan defends Sanchez by saying hes not the sole reason the Jets are 4-7. And hes not. Its the program. Its the lip service offered week-in, week-out in which the Jets own their mistakes, pledge to stop making them, promise to give it their all, and then play rudderless football.
On the Patriots first touchdown, the Jets had three defenders in the end zone covering two Patriots receivers on a play that started at the New York 3-yard line. Two of the defenders went to one receiver, another covered air and Wes Welker scored without a defender in arms reach.
On the Patriots second touchdown, a pitch to the flat to Shane Vereen that turned into an 83-yard touchdown . . . well let Antonio Cromartie explain it.
Some calls we got into, they knew what coverage we were in, he explained. Like on the wheel route, our inside linebacker Bart Scott was supposed to take that but its hard for him to take that when hes too far inside and the running back slides out. Some of the calls that we got into put a hardship on us. . . . We shoulda gone for another scheme and I shoulda put a safety on the wheel and put Bart on the inside guy on the curl route.
It was Cromartie, Eric Smith and Scott involved in that play. Thats 25 years of NFL experience between them.
But, well, hindsights 20-20 and theyll do better next time.
Theres a big whiteboard in the hallway leading to the Jets locker room.
On it were these words.
Do Your Job Execute
One Play At a Time
The only two things satisfied on that list were the last two and they were applied by the Patriots.
The Jets have been non-competitive in several games this season. 27-10 loss to the Steelers. 34-0 against the Niners. 30-9 against the Dolphins. 28-7 against the Seahawks. And Thursday night.
Were about as wounded as we can possibly be, but were not dead, said Ryan.
I can tell you this: we will give everything we have, every ounce of energy we have to get this thing going. Thats from a coaching standpoint as well as the players. If not, then well make adjustments.
Its getting a little late for if, then. At some point, someones going to pry Woody Johnsons attention away from his yo-yo and point out that his billion-dollar investment is rotting.
And then? One has to figure an uncomfortable housecleaning will ensue.
I asked Ryan if he expects to be coaching the Jets in 2013.
I do, he answered. I think our team will play a heck of a lot better and I dont believe anybody will ask that question by the time the years over.
They may not be asking it because the answer may be very clear by then.

Halftime stars, studs and duds: Rose looking like his old self

Halftime stars, studs and duds: Rose looking like his old self

BOSTON – The New York Knicks have been in a massive funk of late, something the Boston Celtics had to know which, not surprisingly, would result in them playing with a heightened level of desperation.

That desperation left the Celtics a bit exasperated at the half which ended with a 10-2 run by New York that put them ahead 63-54 at the half.

After falling behind by as many as nine points in the second quarter, the Celtics rallied to within a single point (53-52) following a basket by Isaiah Thomas.

The second quarter was all-New York afterwards.

It was just a one-possession game (Boston led 34-31) for the Celtics going into the second quarter, which was exactly where Boston didn’t want to be against a Knicks team whose bench ranks among the NBA’s highest-scoring second units recently. In their last three games, the Knicks’ bench has averaged 43.0 points per game which according to, ranks sixth in the NBA during that span.

At the half, they had 33 points compared to just 12 for Boston’s backups.

Boston fell behind early 9-5, but the Celtics rallied following a time-out with a 15-4 run capped off by a 3-pointer from Isaiah Thomas.

The Celtics’ lead peaked at nine points on separate occasions in the first, but the Knicks closed out the first with a 12-6 spurt that cut Boston’s lead to 34-31 at the end of the first.

Here are the Stars, Studs and Duds from the first half.



Derrick Rose

The former league MVP looked like his old self tonight instead of just old. He led the Knicks with 14 points on 7-for-11 shooting.

Isaiah Thomas

The Knicks had great success inside the paint against all the Celtics minus Thomas who did much of his dirty work offensively on drives to the basket. At the half he had 19 points on 8-for-10 shooting.



Willy Hernangomez

Boston had problems rebounding the ball, and Hernangomez was the main reason why. At the half he had 10 points and six rebounds, three of which were offensive boards.

Jae Crowder

Dealing with Carmelo Anthony is enough to keep Crowder busy tonight. But he’s doing that at a high level in addition to providing a nice punch offensively with 14 points.

Mindaugas Kuzminskas

You may not know his name, but his game was pretty impressive in the first half. At the half, he had nine points.



Al Horford

We’ve seen him air-ball a 3-pointer, miss a lay-up and strguggle to get any shots to go down tonight. At the half, he had three points while missing nine of his 10 shot attempts.

Avery Bradley (Achilles) will not play vs. Knicks


Avery Bradley (Achilles) will not play vs. Knicks

BOSTON – Both New York and Boston will take to the floor tonight minus a starter courtesy of a sore Achilles injury.

For Celtics guard Avery Bradley, tonight will be the fifth time in the last six games that his right Achilles injury will keep him sidelined.

Meanwhile, New York’s Kristaps Porzingis will miss his fourth straight game with a sore left Achilles injury.

The 7-foot-3 Porzingis averages 19.4 points, 7.4 rebounds and 1.4 assists per game.

Porzingis’ absence tonight was established well before tip-off.

“I’d say I’m 90 percent ready; still not there yet,” Porzingis told reporters prior to the game. “But I’m getting closer … hopefully the next game or after the next game.”

As far as Bradley is concerned, he was a last-minute matter.

Celtics head coach Brad Stevens was asked about his roster earlier tonight, and indicated Tyler Zeller (sinus) and James Young (ankle) would be on the inactive list tonight with injuries.

Without Bradley, the Celtics are expected to start Marcus Smart who has filled in as the team’s starter previously when the 6-foot-2 Bradley was unavailable.

 Bradley is the Celtics' second-leading scorer with 17.7 points per game this season, along with a team-high 6.9 rebounds per game and 2.4 assists.