C's Williams reaches out to Louisville's Kevin Ware

C's Williams reaches out to Louisville's Kevin Ware
April 4, 2013, 4:45 pm
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BOSTON — The horrific leg injury suffered by Louisville guard Kevin Ware left an indelible image on the minds and in the hearts of many throughout the world, including Boston Celtics guard Terrence Williams.

Williams, a former standout at Louisville, didn't waste any time reaching out to Ware following his injury.

"I have a camp there every year," Williams told CSNNE.com. "Kevin spoke at my camp this past summer."

Williams was like most folks who was pained to see Ware's injury which has to go down as one of the most grotesque ever to be witnessed in a college basketball game.

Unsure of where Ware was in terms of dealing with the injury, Williams reached out to him shortly after the injury occurred.

"I talked to him before surgery and after surgery," Williams said. "I talked to him when they gave him his crutches, when he was was walking so I definitely had an open line of communication through all this."

And to the surprise of some - but not Williams - Ware is expected to join the Cardinals in Atlanta for their national semi-final matchup against Wichita State on Saturday.

Williams is hoping to be there, along with teammate and fellow Seattle native Jason Terry.

"I love my school," Williams said. "Other than Coach P (Pitino) and his wife, I don't know if anybody loves Louisville more than me."

During his four seasons at Louisville, it's clear that there were plenty of lessons learned by him.

There's one that his Boston Celtics teammates see and hear everyday - him bouncing a basketball wherever he goes.

"I remember coach P (Pitino) ran a pick-and-roll for me to go to my left," Williams said. "And it was one of the crucial parts of the game. And I dribbled to my left and the ball didn't come up. I turned it over and ever since then, the only way you get better is if you work at it. So I carry a basketball."

Getting on the team plane. Arriving to arenas for shoot-around or games. In the hotel lobby.

Even as Celtics head coach Doc Rivers delivers his pre-game spiel to the media moments before tip-off, Williams will leave the locker room, ball in hand, dribbling his way down the hallway and on to the court.

"It just stuck with me," Williams said.

And Williams, who was signed for the rest of this season by Boston and is partially guaranteed next season, has done his part to stick with the Celtics beyond just this season.

"Terrence is playing just terrific basketball for us right now," Rivers said. "He's taken hold of his position. He understands that he's a point guard; maybe for the first time in his life he wants to be that, and that's been good for us."

And for Williams, the praise is certainly good to hear.

But he understands that as good as he might be playing in limited minutes now, there's still plenty about his game that needs to be improved on.

As long as he has a ball in his hands, that opportunity to get better is always there.

And Williams hopes his time in Boston will be just like him and his basketball - together for a long, long time.

"I get a ball from every team that I go to," Williams said. "So hopefully this is my last ball."