The courting of Chris Paul


The courting of Chris Paul

By Jon Fucile

In the past couple of years the NBA has been through a terrible refereeing scandal and an ugly strike that was finally resolved last week. But training camp is almost over and the NBA should be working on repairing their image.

Instead that egomaniac David Stern decided to put the finishing touches on the crap sandwich the NBA has become.

The NBA owns the Hornets because no one in New Orleans cares about a team that doesnt have Drew Brees on it and they were forced to buy it. Chris Paul, the Hornets only meal ticket, wants out and the trade offers started rolling in. But Stern was holding Paul hostage.

The Lakers offered a trade with the Hornets and even got the Rockets involved. All parties involved seemed happy but Stern went power tripping and vetoed the trade. Apparently the trade just wasnt good enough. Stern also apparently has a hard on for Chris Paul.

The trade was reworked as the Lakers desperately tried to pry Paul from the clutches of Stern but again he rejected the trade despite the fact that the Hornets GM had accepted it and thus began the courting of Chris Paul.

Stern went completely bonkers and apparently was hell bent on making the league look awful while demanding one hundred billion dollars for the services of Chris Paul.

Stern started playing the Clippers against the Lakers while making himself look crazier by the minute. He even suckered Chris Paul into a very awkward dinner. Sexual harassment charges are pending.

Stern even sunk low enough to action Chris Paul off live from a mall.

Stern has quite obviously lost his mind. Why the hell would you invite this type of controversy on the league, especially right after a lock out? Did he really think the Lakers offer wasnt good enough or did he just want to keep Paul away from Kobe Bryant so they couldnt form one hell of a tag team?

Stern ended up creating some kind of weird Bachelor type situation that was even less entertaining than that crappy show and somehow even more rigged. We were about two days away from ESPN hosting some kind of rose ceremony on live TV.

We have to admit though, it would have been hilarious to see Paul fake out the Lakers Stern style and give the last rose to Blake Griffin as he picked the Clippers.

Quite the coincidence that Stern sent Paul to a struggling Clippers franchise that needs a boost, eh? No? Oh right, no that really doesnt seem like a coincidence. Pauls speech after the trade to the Clippers was even sketchier when he talked about the rich history the Clippers have. Apparently his definition of rich history is never making the playoffs and being horribly mismanaged.

At least Paul has an awesome sense of humor.

Ravens’ Suggs submits half-hearted effort at Brady snub

Ravens’ Suggs submits half-hearted effort at Brady snub

Terrell Suggs keeps doing his best to pump air into his one-sided “feud” with Tom Brady.

Ever since Brady begged for a flag on Suggs after a benign hit back in 2009, Suggs has made it his mission to speak truth to the perceived power of Brady.

“Everyone just seems to worship the guy so much,” he once said. “Not me, though.”

So, Suggs has called basically derided Brady as a crybaby and occasionally called into question the validity of the Patriots championships.

It’s clearly all for show. When Deflategate was at its height in June of 2015, Suggs said of Brady, “The guy is a winner. He’s won with whatever kind of personnel that he’s had. So I don’t think [Deflategate] really tarnished it … Everybody needs something to write about and needs something to talk about. It’s always something. I’m leaving that alone.”

This week, Suggs smirkingly refused to use Brady’s name when discussing the Patriots leading up to Monday night’s game.

Asked about Brady earning his 201st win as an NFL starter, Suggs said, "He's pretty good. Like I said, wins are wins and numbers are numbers. Numbers don't lie. He's pretty good."

Suggs went on, avoiding Brady’s name. It’s something he’s done in the past for whatever reason. But he’s also been complimentary of the Patriots and Brady as well, saying that, when it’s done, there will be three quarterbacks in the conversation for best-ever: Montana, Unitas and Brady. 

The only time Brady’s verbally stepped out against Suggs and the Ravens is in response to their barbs. In 2010, Brady stated that the Ravens, “Talk a lot for beating us once in nine years.”

Brady also chastised Ravens coach John Harbaugh – now there’s a guy who whines! – after the 2014 AFC Divisional Playoff Game when the Patriots snookered the Ravens with intricate formations. That’s about it for return fire.


One-sided feud: Brady praises Suggs for playmaking, instincts

One-sided feud: Brady praises Suggs for playmaking, instincts

FOXBORO -- Terrell Suggs kept up what has been a years-long campaign to mock Tom Brady's public perception by refusing to say Brady's name this week. 

Outside of a quick, "Talk a lot for beating us once in nine years" comment back in 2010, Brady has typically let the feud be one-sided. That continued on this week when Brady said the Ravens edge defender looked as good as ever during a Westwood One radio interview.

He continued his praise of Suggs during a press conference Thursday.

"I think every year, he's had pretty major injuries, and he comes back and looks like he didn't miss a beat," Brady said. "It's his 14th year, he's been a great player for as long as he's been in the league. I think he does a lot of things really well.

"He's got all the rush moves, he actually drops into coverage, he bats down balls, he butchers the tight ends coming off the line of scrimmage. He's really a playmaker for their team. It's not just sacking the quarterback, probably like most defensive ends. He makes plays in a lot of ways. I've seen him intercept slip screens, jumping up and picking [Ben] Roethlisberger off going the other way. 

"I think he has great instincts. He definitely plays with his instincts. If he feels like the ball's going to go inside, he rips inside and tries to take it away even though that's not his assignment. I think 99 percent of the time, the ball goes inside. I think he just has great instincts for what he's doing.

"You can't ever really count on the same thing from him. I think you just try to play him straight up and see what he's going to do because I think he makes a lot of really good decisions out there and he makes a lot of plays."

Brady didn't say Suggs' name during the course of his answer, but he left no doubt that there's a level of respect there for his game. 

I think all these games are kind of the same. I just look at the opp and look at what they do. The only thing that matters is what we do this week of practice and in the game. I think you just try to put everything aside and, whether it was that or whether it was playoff game a couple years ago, whether it was the rs game a couple years ago or C games, none of those really nmatter. It's really going to be about what this team does this week and like I said, coach will try to put a lot of urgerncy on that. We understand that. We know we're facing a team that's 7-5, their at the top of their division. They have a lot of conf in what they do and wso do we. It's going to be a good, tough matchup.