Click here for complete MLB playoffs schedule


Click here for complete MLB playoffs schedule

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Wild-Card Play-In Games

Friday, Oct. 5 - St. Louis at Atlanta, 5:07 p.m.
Friday, Oct. 5 - Baltimore at Texas, 8:37 p.m.

American League Division Series - Detroit-Oakland

Saturday, Oct. 6 at Detroit
Sunday, Oct. 7 at Detoit
Tuesday, Oct. 9 at Oakland
Wednesday, Oct. 10 at Oakland
Thursday, Oct. 11 at Oakland

American League Division Series - New York-BALTEX

Sunday, Oct. 7 at BALTEX
Monday, Oct. 8 at BALTEX
Wednesday, Oct. 10 at New York
Thursday, Oct. 11 at New York
Friday, Oct. 12 at New York

National League Division Series - San Francisco-Cincinnati

Saturday, Oct. 6 at San Francisco
Sunday, Oct. 7 at San Francisco
Tuesday, Oct. 9 at Cincinnati
Wednesday, Oct. 10 at Cincinnati
Thursday, Oct. 11 at Cincinnati

National League Division Series - Washington-STLATL

Sunday, Oct. 7 at STLATL
Monday, Oct. 8 at STLATL
Wednesday, Oct. 10 at Washington
Thursday, Oct. 11 at Washington
Friday, Oct. 12 at Washington

American League Championship Series

Saturday, Oct. 13
Sunday, Oct. 14
Tuesday, Oct. 16
Wednesday, Oct. 17
Thursday, Oct. 18
Saturday, Oct. 20
Sunday, Oct. 21

National League Championship Series

Sunday, Oct. 14
Monday, Oct. 15
Wednesday, Oct. 17
Thursday, Oct. 18
Friday, Oct. 19
Sunday, Oct. 21
Monday, Oct. 22

World Series

Wednesday, Oct. 24 at NL
Thursday, Oct. 25 at NL
Saturday, Oct. 27 at AL
Sunday, Oct. 28 at AL
Monday, Oct. 29 at AL
Wednesday, Oct. 31 at NL
Thursday, Nov. 1 at NL

Giardi: Garoppolo 'still in pain,' does not have full mobility in shoulder

Giardi: Garoppolo 'still in pain,' does not have full mobility in shoulder

The Patriots had both Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett on the field for Tuesday's practice.

While many are hopeful that Garoppolo will be ready to go on Sunday, it’s definitely not a given at this point.

According to CSN’s Mike Giardi, Garoppolo is “still in pain and does not yet have full mobility in his throwing shoulder”

Tom E. Curran had better news about Jacoby Brissett’s thumb. The rookie quarterback was in the Patriots locker room locker room Tuesday morning without splint, tape or cast on his thumb. 

When he asked Brissett if he's feeling "tip-top," he answered, "Oh yeah."