Chiarelli: No phone calls to players in 48-hour window

Chiarelli: No phone calls to players in 48-hour window
October 25, 2012, 4:58 am
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NHL owners, general managers and team executives were given permission last week to contact players during a 48-hour window and make themselves available to answer questions about the leagues latest CBA offer.
It was an unorthodox move by the league given the wall of silence thats been erected between NHL players and ownersteam personnel since the Sept. 15 lockout was instituted and one that wasnt without controversy.
The development chafed at the NHLPA membership due largely to the secretive nature of the move amid some contentious collective bargaining between the two sides, and had some players complaining the under-the-radar gesture flies in the face of good-faith bargaining.
All that being said, Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli relayed to on Wednesday night -- during a surprise visit to a Mens Hockey League at Hockey Town in Saugus -- that he didnt hold any conversations with his players during the 48-hour window of open discussion.
Chiarelli said he didnt hear from any Bruins players with questions about the owners 5050 offer from last week, and the Bs general manager didnt reach out via phone call or email to any of his players scattered around the hockey globe.
There were, however, unconfirmed reports that phone calls to Bruins players were one of the discussion topics during an NHLPA conference call last weekend. It was expected that the hawk owners most responsible for the lockout would be the most aggressive in reaching out to their respective players. Bs President Cam Neely responded with a no comment on Tuesday when asked if hed made phone calls to Bruins players during the 48-hour amnesty period.
Both the NHL and NHLPA are facing a league-imposed deadline of Thursday to get a deal completed that would allow for an 82-game season to begin on Nov. 2, and the 48-hour window was another troublesome roadblock tossed between the two sides last week.