Chance Gronkowski returns for Houston?


Chance Gronkowski returns for Houston?

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski had surgery on his forearm today after breaking it Sunday.

The initial timetable seemed to be 4-6 weeks, but Andy Gresh thinks there's a chance Gronkowski could actually be back in three weeks, which would put him back on the field for the game against the Houston Texans.

Is it just wishful thinking for Gresh? Or is there really a chance?

Gary Tanguy, Mike Felger, and Gresh aren't doctors, but that isn't going to stop them from pontificating what could happen.

Canadiens acquire Andrew Shaw from Blackhawks


Canadiens acquire Andrew Shaw from Blackhawks

By Tracey Myers, CSN Chicago

BUFFALO, N.Y. – Andrew Shaw had to wait until his third go-around in the NHL Draft before he was selected by the Blackhawks. Two Stanley Cups later, he became a big part of this group.

Like several before him, he said he wanted to stay here. Like several before him, it didn’t happen.

Shaw was traded to the Montreal Canadiens for two second-round selections, as the NHL Draft began on Friday. The forward was going to become a restricted free agent next Friday. And while both sides said they hoped to find a deal to keep Shaw in Chicago, the deal didn’t come.

The Blackhawks get two second-round picks the 39th and 45th overall selections in this draft.