Chad Ochocinco looking for a place to crash

Chad Ochocinco looking for a place to crash
August 11, 2011, 3:03 am
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(NECN: Eileen Curran, Foxboro, MA) - Thenewest addition to the New England Patriots family is looking for a place tolive for the start of the season. All Ochocinco asks that you have is theInternet and an X-box.
Will it be a Comm. Ave condo? Or a slice of suburban life? He is receiving many offers, from sweet, innocent kids to women offering things we can't discuss here.
Chad Ochocinco says he is going to stay with a fan for a little while.I'm actually going to stay with a fan probably first twothree weeks of season until I get myself acclimated and learn my way around andactually just find a place, says Ochocinco.He put the word out in the media and social media, with hisTwitter posting on August 3: Im picking a season ticket holder and stayingwith them until I find a place, said his tweet.Now it seems any fan is an option and stay with me hasbecome the mantra of Ochocinco fans. Its even the slogan on a t-shirt that No.85 is selling.
Fans will go to any length it seems to get him to pick them.
My friends have offered to clean out their garages, give uptheir basements, sell their families, says one fan.
Ochocinco does have a couple of requirements though.
They have to have internet have to have an xbox, he toldthe media.He said he wanted an x-box so I'd probably go borrow onefrom my friend. I don't know if I'd buy one, but borrow one for sure, says another fan.
Ochocinco stands to make a lot of money from the t-shirtsales, but will probably profit more from the self promotion.He's really cool. He's really down to earth. He drives a Priuswithout a gps and just wants to talk to people and get to know the area on hisown without people helping him, says the fan who has friends offering to sell their families.
Stay with me Ocho, says Maceta David.
Stay with me Ocho and Ill give you my room, says Jonathan David.
Jonathan and Maceta David of Pawtucket, RI would love tohave Ochocinco move in and their dad is all for it, too.Oh fine I would appreciate that it would be an honor,says Jonathan and Maceta's dad.
When asked what he would do with Ochocinco, 10-year-oldJonathan had a little trouble coming up with an answer.Probably have him help to clean my room, says Jonathan.No word on when Ochocinco will choose the lucky fan, but the offer of cleaning someone's room may not be the winning answer.