Celtics look to break Clippers' streak

Celtics look to break Clippers' streak
December 28, 2012, 2:29 am
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LOS ANGELES So much of the talk coming into tonight's game centers around the Los Angeles Clippers and their franchise-best 14 game winning streak. 
While Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers knows all too well it is a hot topic of discussion, let's just say he hasn't given too much thought into the streak itself.
"We don't care about them," Rivers said. "They could have lost 14 or won 14. We care about the Celtics and how we play."
That said, Rivers admits he wouldn't mind being on the other sideline when that streak comes to an end.
"As a coach, I was happy they won the other night," Rivers said. "Someone's going to have to break it, why not be us?"
Last season Jason Terry was with the Dallas Mavericks, who gained the reputation of being one of the league's better teams at snapping winning streaks of opposing teams. 
New team, same mindset.
"It's no different now," Terry said.
He added, "they're playing well. Give them a lot of credit. It's about us; it's about how we come out and approach the game. If we come out and play our game, it's going to be tough for us to lose."