Celtics excited for an NBA team in Seattle

Celtics excited for an NBA team in Seattle
January 10, 2013, 12:52 am
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BOSTON Avery Bradley was just a teenager when Seattle lost its NBA team, the Seattle Supersonics.
The Tacoma, Wash. native, like many in the Sea-Tac region, was devastated by the news. 
So it's no surprise that he is among those giddy to see that Seattle will once again be home to an NBA team now that the Sacramento Kings are reportedly close to being sold to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.
"It's going to be great for the city," Bradley said. "It's going to be nice going back there, have the Celtics beat up on the Sonics."
Celtics guard Jason Terry, who is from Seattle, was also excited about the idea of his hometown once again being host to an NBA team. 
"It's a great day for basketball," Terry said. "Obviously being from Seattle. My heart is in Seattle. I always dreamed that one day they'd get a team back there. Not only for everyone from Seattle; but for the NBA. It's a great city, a great sports town."
Terry remembers all too well how tough the community took seeing the Sonics leave town. 
"There was all kind of save-the-Sonics shirts and signs and blogs," Terry said. "Again, this is definitely a good day."
Although Sacramento is the capital of California, it has long been seen as one of the less desirable stops along the NBA circuit by players. 
"Nothing against Sacramento, but Seattle is definitely a nicer city," Terry said. 
Boston forward Jeff Green spent his rookie season in Seattle prior to the then-Sonics moving to Oklahoma City for the 2008-2009 season. 
"Seattle is a great city," Green said. "I'm happy for the city of Seattle and wish the best for them."
Rajon Rondo has played two games in Seattle. 
"It was raining a lot," Rondo said when asked about his memories of playing in Seattle. 
And as far as the Seattle-area having an NBA team and no more trips to Sacramento if the deal goes through as expected, Rondo would not have a problem with that.
"I think Seattle's a better city than Sacramento," Rondo said. "But that's just my opinion."