Carl Crawford: Sabotage specialist

Carl Crawford: Sabotage specialist
September 22, 2011, 4:27 pm
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By Jon Fucile

If youre Baltimore, Toronto or Tampa Bay you basically start every season knowing youre not going to make the playoffs. Sure, on rare occasions all the stars line up just right and you make a miracle run (looking at you Tampa Bay) but in general you just dont have the money to compete with the Red Sox and Yankees. So what do you do?

You send one of your best players to a division rival with a plan.

Carl Crawford has struggled this season and the Red Sox have mysteriously lost 16 of their last 21 games as the Rays have caught up in the playoff race. Coincidence?

Or is Crawford waiting for the last game of the season to reveal where his loyalty truly lies?!

Bostons pitching has been atrocious down the stretch and many wonder why. Sure, Lackey is just awful but it looks like the life has just been squeezed out of the pitchers. Sneak attacks?!

David Ortiz has been struggling with a bad back and neck but cannot really explain why. There is a good chance he really doesnt know what happened to his back. After all, if you dont see the jump kick you dont know what happened!

Even Bostons resident tough guy Kevin Youuuuuuuuuuuuukilis has been struggling with injuries and focus. We suppose it would be kind of hard to focus if a stranger snuck up behind you and told you that you and your family are in danger if you dont start slumping RIGHT NOW!

Bostons pitching isnt the only issue. The Red Sox offense has suddenly gone cold. Surely not everyone would go cold at the same time and in the middle of a playoff race, right? Of course not! But if someone is weakening your bats before games and you dont know..

The Orioles are terrible this season and the Red Sox usually dominate them. With the Rays inching closer, Boston needed a huge series against the Orioles but instead they keep choking late. Why? Well, when someone is relaying your signs to the oppositions bench, comebacks and choke jobs become academic.

Are the Red Sox choking yet again or are they the victim of one of the greatest plots in MLB history? Listen all yall its a.......