Cam Neely on Bruins season expectations


Cam Neely on Bruins season expectations

Bruins President Cam Neely was a regular on the Felger and Mazz Show last year, and made his first appearance of the season on the show this year.

The first thing on tap was Felger asking Neely his take on the lockout after experiencing it on both sides. Neely goes on to give his take, and also explain what the Bruins organization is doing this season to give back to fans who had to endure the lockout.

The conversation then shifts to how Neely feels about the team - and he feels good about them. the fact that most of the team is returning bodes well for the chemistry in a season that will have no preseason games and an abbreviated camp.

There is one player who won't return to the team this year, Tim Thomas. Check out the video to see what Neely says about Thomas.