Buy or Sell: Divisional Round edition


Buy or Sell: Divisional Round edition

Lou Merloni and Steve Buckley play a game of Buy or Sell.

The pair tackle a four-pack of questions related to this weekend's Divisional Round playoff games, including (remember, these are the BuySell questions, not the answers):

Stevan Ridley will out-rush Arian Foster

Sorry Ridley but neither Buckley nor Merloni think this one will happen. Foster was held to a ridiculously low output in the last matchup because Houston fell behind seemingly right after the coin toss, forcing the Texans to abandon their run game. No one expects that to happen again in this one, meaning Foster will get a healthier workload.

Rob Gronkowski will end up with more yards and TDs than Wes Welker

This one looks like it could happen and we've got a "Buy" from Buckley. "We've never seen Gronkowski tear up a postseason," said Buckley. "I think we're going to see him tear up this postseason." Gronkowski returned in the season finale against Miami and pulled in two catches for 42 yards and a touchdown.

Both home teams in the AFC win by a touchdown or more

Buckley predicts a much closer game between the Patriots and Texans and could also see the Ravens upsetting the Broncos so it's a big 'ole "sell" on this one. Mainly, Buckley doesn't like Manning outside in the cold after spending most of his career as an indoor quarterback.

By the end of the weekend, only the veteran QBs will remain
Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick get the thumbs down from Buckley, but Merloni says the Packers are "missing" something and thinks the 49ers will get the job done.

Do your expectations match up with Buck & Lou? Check out the video above and then decide.