Bumpier road to Super Bowl


Bumpier road to Super Bowl

The Patriots controlled their own destiny.

If they won out, they'd at least have the No. 2 seed. But a loss to the 49ers dropped them to No. 3.

Not only does that mean they have to play Wild Card weekend, but if they win they're scheduled to play the Denver Broncos in Denver.

That won't be easy.

Gary Tanguay, Mike Felger, and Patriots Football Weekly's Paul Perillo discuss the bumpy road ahead.

"I think Denver is a pretty good football team, and I think the Patriots are a pretty good football team, so having to play them at Denver is not as good as playing them in New England," Perillo said.

Felger agrees, but still likes Pats in that matchup assuming they get there.

Who knows how New England will fair the week before, against, say, Pittsburgh.

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