Buckley: Sox looking at guys who actually like to play baseball


Buckley: Sox looking at guys who actually like to play baseball

If you're a Red Sox fan, you're in one of two camps right now: The side who wants the Sox to get better now, or the side who wants to wait for the perfect players to spend a lot of money on.

With the Blue Jays improving their team in an already stacked AL East, there seems to be a growing concern that Boston should restock their lineup faster to contend.

The Boston Herald's Steve Buckley, as well as the Boston Globe's Bob Ryan, don't want the Sox to do anything drastic whatsoever.

"I want them to do nothing," Buckley said. "I want them to be the 'Boston Secondhand Shop' for the next couple of years, the 'Boston Retreads' which is why I don't mind the David Ortiz thing sign a bunch of David Ross' and Jonny Gomes', save 167 million dollars until a really good free agent comes along that they can trust."

Ryan agrees: 'I'm resigned to the idea that the team is, to be polite, in transition."

That doesn't mean they won't put a competitive product on the field. The Sox have been reportedly talking to Nick Swisher, a player who by all accounts takes a lot of joy in what he does.

"I will say that going after Gomes and looking at Swisher is pretty much to me a public acknowledgement that they recognize that their clubhouse sucked for the last couple of years and that they need to get rid of the Josh Becketts who say, 'I'm not going to talk to you on my day off', with golf and so forth," Buckley said. "They want to get guys who can actually play baseball and like playing baseball."