Buckley: Ortiz deal locks him in as face of team

Buckley: Ortiz deal locks him in as face of team
November 6, 2012, 5:45 pm
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Steve Buckley has an interesting take on the new David Ortiz deal. To him, Ortiz's two-year contract isn't really about the next two years. It's about how his relationship with the Red Sox franchise is perceived decades down the road.

"I'm the biggest critic this guy has," Buckley said on Uno Sports Tonight. "I think it's a waste of money, baseball-wise, to pay him beyond 2012. But he is the face of the franchise moving forward. I don't think this is about 2013, 2014. This is about 2026. This guy is going to be the last guy introduced someday. And I think they want him to be that guy. That doesn't count for just a little bit. That counts for a lot for a baseball marketing savvy team like this. They need that guy down the road that's gonna be the face of the franchise."

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