Buckley: 'I don't think anyone wants Beckett'


Buckley: 'I don't think anyone wants Beckett'

Steve Buckley joins Gary Tanguay and Michael Felger on "Uno Sports Tonight" to weigh in on the possibility of the Red Sox trading Josh Beckett.

Buckley said he doesn't think that there are teams out there that really want Beckett.

"I just don't see him riding to the rescue of whatever team he goes to," Buckley said.

While Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine said Monday he's satisfied with the team he has, Buckley cautioned, "Keep in mind, everybody lies this time of year.

And it's not like Beckett wouldn't welcome a change of scenery, Buckley said.

"I think Josh Beckett would go anywhere," Buckley said, "even the San Diego Padres. I've never seen a guy look more miserable in his surroundings."