Brown: What to expect from Patriots on Sunday


Brown: What to expect from Patriots on Sunday

Troy Brown joins Greg Dickerson and Andy Gresh where he touches upon a number of topics pertaining to the Patriots-Ravens AFC Championship Game on Sunday.

First up: Can Shane Vereen and Stevan Ridley be effective against the Ravens run defense? Vereen had a coming out party of sorts against the Texans once Danny Woodhead left the game. Baltimore certainly won't be easy on the Pats running backs, though.

The same can be said for the Patriots wide receivers. Brown says the Ravens will have to be physical with them.

On the flip side, how will New England's defense hold up against the Ravens' run and pass game? Ray Rice has taken a back seat to the team's deep-ball offense as of late, but Rice is just as big a part of that offensive attack when the Ravens spread three wideouts.

Brown has much more analysis so check out the video.