Brian Scalabrine Watch 2010 officially over

Brian Scalabrine Watch 2010 officially over
September 23, 2010, 3:16 pm
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By Mary Paoletti

By now, you've all heard that Brian Scalabrine has signed with Chicago.
And that's the problem -- you didn't hear it here first. WGS was supposed to be the home of Brian Scalabrine Watch 2010. This site chronicled The Summer of Scal from the day Boston's season ended to a couple weeks after that. We were there when the occasional rumor surfaced of a team showing interest and we were there a day later when that rumor was laughed off.

But after a couple of weeks, some of the interns' parents started complaining. They couldn't understand why we had their kids locked in a basement calling Scal incessantly, the way Sallie Mae calls broke college grads or Delonte calls Lebron's Mama. So we had some staff cutbacks.

Things really stalled in late July when our main Scal writer got cable installed in her new apartment. And then some other guy went on vacation for a while or something . . football season started . . .

Things came up.

To have Dreamy 'Brine agree to a deal with the Bulls and not announce it with us, though? Completely unexpected and unfair. We at Wicked Good Sports feel saddened and betrayed. Not in the way that drunk college kids throughout the Boston area feign to feel right now. (Seriously, can we have BU fenced off from the rest of the city? With an electric fence, maybe?)

No, our disappointment is genuine. Rich Levine explained it best this morning:

"The Celtics won't miss Scal in the rotation next year, but Celtics fans will undoubtedly feel his absence. Over his five seasons in Boston, he became a local celebrity on so many ridiculous levels. He was a Garden attraction. An ambassador to the fans. He was a cult hero."

So it's in this light -- a glow that makes the golden highlights in Scal's ginger mess of curls truly shimmer -- that we push aside our wounded pride and wish him the best.

No hard feelings, Brian. You show those Bulls what Boston taught you. And if by chance you don't feel like dancing, just play it safe and draw a charge or something.