Brady's competition for MVP


Brady's competition for MVP

We're going into Week 15 of the NFL season, and three players have risen to the top of the NFL MVP debate: Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Adrian Peterson.

Brady's season speaks for itself. He's led the Patriots to a 10-3 record, thrown 28 touchdowns and 3,833 yards, and only turned the ball over four times this year.

Peyton Manning is the feel-good story of the year. After undergoing serious neck surgery that could have ended his career, he was released by the Colts and signed by the Broncos. Since then, how does 30 touchdowns, 3,812 passing yards, and 10 interceptions sound? Not too shabby.

And then there's Adrian Peterson, on pace to have perhaps the best year for a running back in the history of the NFL. Peterson has 1,600 yards rushing and ten touchdowns, not to mention 18 rushed of 20-plus yards.

Gary Tangauy, Dan Shaughnessy, and Bob Ryan give their take on the MVP.

Who is YOUR choice?

Strahan picks Steelers to upset Patriots in AFC Championship

Strahan picks Steelers to upset Patriots in AFC Championship

Michael Strahan saw the Patriots lose a Super Bowl first-hand, but he doesn’t think they’ll lose Super Bowl LI. That’s because he doesn’t think they’ll be participants. 

Appearing on The Tonight Show, the former Giants defensive end and current Person Who is Frequently on Television said that he expects the Steelers to upset the Patriots in Sunday’s AFC Championship.

“I think in the AFC, I think Pittsburgh might pull the upset this year,” Strahan said. 

When Jimmy Fallon objected, Strahan said Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers’ pass rush would be enough to beat the Pats if New England plays the way it did in the divisional round. 
“If you watched the Houston Texans, they had a shot; they just turned the ball over,” he said. “And the Houston Texans offense is in no way, shape or form near what Pittsburgh has. They don’t have the quarterback that [Pittsburgh has]. Defensively, Houston had the really good defense, but Pittsburgh [puts] the good pressure on the quarterback. And from my Super Bowl experience, Tom Brady does not like pressure. I’m just saying I feel like if there’s anybody who’s going to pull an upset, it will be them.” 

As for any rooting interest, Strahan said that he hopes the Falcons win the Super Bowl, citing Matt Ryan being overdue for a title and Julio Jones having a Brady-like quality of putting team goals before his own legacy.