Brady should maybe not mention cheating

Brady should maybe not mention cheating
November 22, 2010, 5:24 pm
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By Mary Paoletti

Tom Brady is accusing the Colts of... cheating? Oh boy.

I dunno if that's a good thing to be harping on after a win. Not because I don't believe the Patriots QB-- I do. And that's saying something because I'm notorious among at least two people for scoffing at Senator Brady's post-game political speeches.

It's just that, when "Patriots" and "cheating" enter the same hemisphere as each other.... well...

Eek, A Penis!

Brady's smarter than to expect sympathy though. I think. Recent research does show that quarterbacks aren't as cerebral as people might think.

What's most likely going to happen is a certain segment of Patriots fans will be more belligerent and self-righteous than usual. Beer sales in the Northeast will triple. When the Pats earn their next loss people will say that it's somehow Adam Vinatieri's fault. And the rest of the country will be Google searching that South Park episode and laughing at Belichick and company.

So maybe New Englanders should just be happy that the Colts lost despite their "cheating." Yeah. Probably.