Brady not taking these opportunities for granted


Brady not taking these opportunities for granted

FOXBORO -- At 35-years-old, Tom Brady's time is running out.

But Brady has a different viewpoint than those who are more concerned with the thought of what comes after the Brady era, rather than what will happen in the next month.

"Well, from the day we're born, I think we're always one day closer to dying," said Brady, when asked about his time running out.

"I don't quite look at it like that," added Brady. "Yeah, I'm very appreciative of having this opportunity."

So Brady knows. He's just not thinking of the end of his career. Nor should he be.

Still, he's trying to take advantage of every opportunity he has from here on out.

"It certainly is meaningful for me," said Brady about another playoff appearance. "I know it's meaningful for our whole team, and what we're attempting to accomplish. So, yeah, you don't take these things for granted. It's a privilege to be in this position that we're in. We're one of four teams to have played well enough over the course of the year to deserve the first-round bye.

"And we'll be watching this weekend. You're kind of still on high alert for football, and the situational awareness, and watching the games and so forth. Your mind is still very much in the game. But, when we figure out who we'll play, we'll jump right into that and get going."