Boston's Toughest: Best of the Rest

Boston's Toughest: Best of the Rest
August 16, 2014, 2:45 pm
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Our series on "Boston's Toughest" has gone through the city's four major sports, but who's the Best of the Rest? The toughest not among the Bruins, Celtics, Red Sox or Patriots?

Andy Gresh: "I never thought I'd say this about a soccer player. But he's had 14 concussions. Taylor Twellman [the ex-Revolution player] is tough. Especially given what we know about concussions now."

Trenni Kusnierek: "Bill Rodgers. He won four Boston Marathons, including three in a row. Not only do you have to be physically tough, but it takes mental toughness as well."

Fred Toucher: "Marvin Hagler was the greatest. That Hearns fight? I grew up in Detroit and Tommy Hearns is everything over there. You don't get that anymore. Just a brawl..."He was the toughest guy who was also the funnest to watch."

Bob Neumeier: "Marvin Hagler was cut early on [vs. Hearns], in fact, doctors were brought in. They thought they might have to stop the fight. He had a furious rally and wound up stopping Tommy Hearns at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas."

Tom E. Curran: "We're leaving out the other Brockton guy? Rocky Marciano. What about Micky Ward. From Lowell. Author of the three of the greatest fights in boxing history versus Arturo Gatti. We're going to leave Micky Ward out from this?"