Boston's favorite? Judging the fan base

Boston's favorite? Judging the fan base
February 13, 2014, 10:45 pm
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Steve Buckley calls the Red Sox "cultural icons" in the Boston market.

Who has the most rabid fan base in pro sports?

A recent study by the Neilsen Company, the TV ratings people, yields some interesting results. Bob Neumeier and Boston Herald columnist Steve Buckley discussed them on Arbella Early Edition.

For instance, the Patriots fan base is not in the top five in the NFL in this survey.

In MLB, the Red Sox are fourth. The Cardinals, Reds and Tigers are 1-2-3, followed by the Red Sox and Brewers.

"The Red Sox are cultural icons in the market," Buckley said. "I always use the what I call 'the Mom test'...My mom didn't know anything about sports, but she was up on the Red Sox. People who don't follow sports seem to be up on the Red Sox."

In the NHL, Boston comes in fourth again. The Penguins, Sabres and Red Wings are 1-2-3. The St. Louis Blues are fifth behind the Bruins.

"A lot has changed for the Bruins," Buckley said. "They won a Cup in 2011. They had a phenomenal season last year, took the Blackhawks to a Game 6 [of the Stanley Cup Finals]. Bobby Orr made this a hockey town."