Boston is the best... again


Boston is the best... again

By Justin Aucoin

You may not have known this but on Sunday Boston added yet another championship trophy to its award case. You may not have known this because 1) you lost power or 2) you dont follow professional lacrosse.

But on Sunday the Boston Cannons brought home its first Major League Lacrosse (MLL) title after an impressive 10-9 victory over the Hamilton Nationals.

We know the Steinfeld Cup wont be too lonely in its new home, though we are curious as to why its called a cup when its more like a spoon.

With the Bruins having brought home Lord Stanley we can only imagine the anti-Boston backlash will be stronger than ever. And since the Boston haters are always looking for new reasons to hate on this fine city, weve decided to help them out.

Here are other titles Boston have won over the past year.

Best at being worst dressed

Thats right. It takes a lot of effort and a huge population of hipsters to be named GQs best at not being able to dress well.
Boston is like America's Bad-Taste Storm Sewer: all the worst fashion ideas from across the country flow there, stagnate, and putrefy. To be fair, it's hard to be a fashion capital when half of your population is made up of undergraduate hoodie monsters, including those unfortunate coeds who don't realize that leggings-as-pants were supposed to be paired with tops large enough to conceal their cameltoes.

Damn straight. And thats just the Patriots.

We suck at dressing ourselves and dont you forget that America. If you have a problem with it, well, click on

Best at being meanies

A pair of University of Michigan psychologists named Boston the U.Ss meanest city. Boston residents instantly gave said psychologists atomic-wedgies and stuffed them in their lockers for being nerds.

Mayor Mumbles on the findings:

"I think look at here today, everybody's friendly here," said Mayor Tom Menino. "I go to all the events in the city of Boston. People say, Gee what a friendly city. Ask the cab drivers. They think we have a friendly city also. I don't know who did this poll. I never heard of it. It's one of those polls that some people I don't think there's any credibility in it at all."

First off, I dont think cabbies are a reputable bunch to call upon for character witnesses. Secondly, unless Menino met folks from the movie Pleasantville, no way in hell anyone in Boston said Gee, what a friendly city. Were pretty sure there were a few carefully placed f-bombs thrown in there. Thirdly, the folks who came up with this poll probably were Canadiens fans.

1 digital city in America

Little known title Boston took in last November were wire(less)ed up the wazoo. Said Mumbles:
I am proud of the way that we are using technology to make government more accessible to Bostons residents, businesses and visitors, said Mayor Menino. This recognition is an honor for the Department of Innovation and Technology and the entire City of Boston.
How did we become so technologically advanced? Its simple. We found the Borg.

We just hope this doesnt backfire.

Most innovative city in the world

Thats right. Boston is so awesome were even better than cities in other countries. Via
Inits latest index, Australian analyst firm2thinknowsays Beantown leads the world in relative performance in the global innovation economy. That means the citys actions to facilitate the growth of new industries are opening up a better economic opportunity for talent.

So next time someone complains about Boston being a bunch of educated, liberal northeast elitists be sure to tell them to 1) Suck it and 2) Yea, well, were helping the economy by creating new economic opportunity so, suck it.

Second most pot friendly city

OK, so we cant win them all.

But when your pro-weed group is led by a bunch of potheads, do you really expect to get the type of political pull it takes to win such a title?

Whats next?

So with all these titles Bostons bringing in we have just one thing to say:

Your move Boston Blazers.

Bradley could miss 'a little more time' with Achilles injury

Bradley could miss 'a little more time' with Achilles injury

BOSTON – Wednesday’s 117-106 loss to the New York Knicks was the fifth time in the last six games that Boston Celtics guard Avery Bradley was out because of a right Achilles injury.

Well, it appears the 6-foot-2 guard may miss a few more with this injury.

“I can see him missing a little more time,” Celtics head coach Brad Stevens said following Wednesday’s loss. “I just think maybe he came back a little bit too early, whatever the case may be.”

Bradley was expected to play against the Knicks, but was a last-minute scratch.

Celtics big man Al Horford said he didn’t find out Bradley was out until the team was on the floor doing pre-game warmups and he didn’t see him.

“He was really sore,” Stevens said of Bradley. “Went through our walk-through and then came on to the court and did some stuff and was more sore today than he has been. I think he did treatment the whole game.”

This latest setback for Bradley is part of a growing narrative that has dogged him throughout his career which has included him missing games to injury in each of his six-plus NBA seasons.

Bradley came into this season once again hoping to be as injury-free as possible, only to see that dream dashed with this right Achilles strain he's suffering with currently.

Still, there’s no downplaying the significance and value the Celtics have in the 26-year-old. This season, he is second on the Celtics in scoring at 17.7 points per game and leads them in rebounds with 6.9 per game with both being career highs. In addition, he averages just under 35 minutes per game which is also tops on the team.

Marcus Smart has been Stevens’ choice to replace Bradley in the starting lineup when Bradley has been unavailable, and that’s not likely to change between now and Saturday’s home game against the Portland Trail Blazers.

Horford on rough night vs. Knicks: 'They deserved to win. They played better'

Horford on rough night vs. Knicks: 'They deserved to win. They played better'

BOSTON – With the night’s outcome all but a foregone conclusion, Al Horford’s last basket of the night got a sarcastic round of applause and a few jeers from the few fans that decided to stick it out for the final few seconds of Boston’s 117-106 loss to the New York Knicks.

Horford finished with a season-low five points for the Celtics (26-16).

Connecting on just 2-for-14 (or 14.3 percent) of his shots also represented the worst shooting night percentage-wise in Horford’s nine-plus NBA seasons.

“I struggled bad offensively,” said Horford who still managed to dish out a game-high 10 assists. “I tried to do anything I could to help us. It just wasn’t going for me.”

But as poorly as Horford shot the ball, he was more bothered by his defense and for that matter the Celtics’ team defense.

New York came into Wednesday’s game having lost 11 of its last 13 games and spent most of the night playing like a team that’s thirsty for a win.

They shot 50.5 percent from the floor, 40 percent on 3’s and dominated the glass 57-33 which helped fuel New York’s 24-12 advantage in second-chance points.

“We have to do a better job of holding teams to one shot,” Horford said. “That’s the first thing. I have to do a better job at protecting the rim. I know I can recall a couple instances where I needed to be there and I wasn’t impacting the ball as much as I would like to. I know I have to be better on the defensive end.”

Horford’s struggles on many levels mirrored the problems experienced by the rest of the Celtics.

“They punked us,” said Boston’s Isaiah Thomas who led all scorers with 39 points. “They were the harder playing team on both ends of the floor. That was the definition of this game; they played harder than us.”

For most of the night, the New York Knicks were making all the big plays defensively and clutch shots offensively while the Celtics consistently failed to get that one defensive stop or knock down the one jumper that could have at least shifted the game’s momentum closer to being in their favor.

Boston rookie Jaylen Brown believes the Celtics didn’t take the struggling Knicks as seriously as they should have.

“It’s very frustrating,” said Brown who came off the bench to score 12 points for Boston (26-16). “It’s a game we should have won. We underestimated our opponent. We are a better team than that even though we played bad we still had a lot of opportunities to win the ball game.”

Horford had a different take on how things went down on Wednesday.

“I don’t think we overlooked them,” Horford said. “But I think we kind of … consciously or not, we felt we were going to win this game like, ‘We’ll struggle a little bit, but we’ll figure it out and win it.’ It didn’t work like that. In the fourth, we were right there. They made a couple shots. They deserved to win. They played better.”

And as the Celtics found themselves on multiple occasions having a chance to tie the game or take the lead in the fourth, it would have been fool’s good if they somehow managed to squeak out a win on Wednesday night.

“We didn’t deserve it,” said Boston’s Jae Crowder who had 21 points. “When you don’t deserve it, the basketball gods don’t bless you.”

But there’s plenty of season left to be played, and the Celtics – as we saw on Wednesday – have plenty of room for improvement.

Especially Horford, particularly when it comes to getting back on track shooting the ball.

“It was at the point where I didn’t have it,” he said. “That was tough. So I tried to impact the game in other ways whether it was setting screens or giving people shots, stuff like that. That was definitely tough for me because they were good looks. They just didn’t go in.”