Belichick voted 2nd-most overrated NFL coach


Belichick voted 2nd-most overrated NFL coach

Either Bill Belichick isn't as great of a coach as well all think he is around here, or he's ticked off a lot of players over his coaching career.

Belichick was rated the No. 2 most overrated coach in the NFL in a poll taken by Sporting News (Rex Ryan earns the top spot). Well, count the guys on Felger and Mazz just as surprised as we were, including former Patriots player under Belichick, Jermaine Wiggins.

"I don't agree with that," Wiggins said of the rank. "I completely disagree with it. You're talking about a guy last year who took his defense was ranked, what, 32nd, 31st, in the NFL? And was one catch away from winning his fourth Super Bowl. A guy that had taken a team back in 2007 to an undefeated regular season."

But while Wiggins disagrees with the overall ranking, he does admit Belichick has lost a step or two on the defensive side.

"I think defensively as a defensive coordinator he's lost some luster, he's not the same guy," he said. "And that has to do with personnel, but he picks the personnel. So I think there are a lot of questions about him you can kind of poke holes into what type of GM is he, is he the same defensive coordinator, but I don't think he's overrated."

And here comes Mazz in clear disagreement with the poll.

"I was absolutely, positively stunned to see Bill Belichick No. 2 on this list. Stunned. Borderline appalled. Like, what are we talking about here?"

Mazz lists coaches like Brian Billick and Jon Gruden as coaches who could be on the list, but Belichick?

"You're going to talk about a guy who has won three titles as having been overrated as a coach? I think that is asinine," he continues.

Felger went halfway though, saying there is an argument to be made over him being a "defensive genius".