Belichick: 'There's never been a game like that before'

Belichick: 'There's never been a game like that before'

By Tom E. Curran

When it comes to watershed moments in NFL history, the convergence of Nick Saban's glasses and Bill Belichick's sweater at the 7:40 mark of this video should be included.

You'll watch for the accessories and apparel, you'll remember it for the football.

Seriously, Wednesday's "Cleveland '95: A Football Life" is going to be as interesting as the Belichick documentary that NFL Films used to launch their "A Football Life" franchise.

The 1995 season was the Browns final one in Cleveland and it was marked by a visceral hatred by Browns fans for anyone in a position of authority with the team.

The irony is that that Browns regime - with Belichick at the head - was cast to the wind after that year and the seeds sown in Cleveland germinated throughout the NFL and in college football. Saban, Belichick, Ozzie Newsome, Scott Pioli, Eric Mangini, Thomas Dimitroff, George Kokinis, Pat Hill, Jim Schwartz and Mike Lombardi are among the coaches and personnel men who were on that staff and their influence on the game in the ensuing 17 years has been remarkable.

The documentary promises to show how Belichick's philosophy was distilled through the staff and also the strange, unprecedented circumstances of that Browns season and their final home game. Asked about that game on December 17, 1995, Belichick said, "I personally never felt threatened but it was not like a normal home game. There's never been a game like that before."