Belichick praises Rams' balanced attack without Amendola


Belichick praises Rams' balanced attack without Amendola

FOXBORO -- When Danny Amendola went down in Week 5 with a separated shoulder, that took away the Rams' go-to receiver for the last two games.

The result?

A more well-balanced offensive attack in St. Louis.

That balance hasn't necessarily translated into wins, however. Still, Patriots coach Bill Belichick pointed out on Thursday that he expects to see the ball spread out to the rest of the offense on Sunday, similar to how their opponent last weekend -- the New York Jets -- spread the ball out with Santonio Holmes injured.

"I think they've done a good job of spreading the ball around," said Belichick. "They really use everybody. They use all their receivers. It looks like they have a lot of confidence in all of them . . . They work the ball around pretty good.

"I don't think that they're just locked into one guy. Although, Amendola's clearly a go-to guy for them. But I'd say, since Amendola's injury, it looks like they've done a good job of spreading the ball around. They seem to be really more balanced now, instead of having one go-to guy.

"They have an explosive team," added Belichick. "It's a well-balanced team. And their balance is probably a little bit better now, without Amendola. Although, I'm sure they miss his play-making skills. I'm not saying that. It just seems like the ball, now, has gotten spread evenly around to pretty much everybody."

First impressions of the Red Sox' 6-2 win over the Angels


First impressions of the Red Sox' 6-2 win over the Angels

First impressions of the Red Sox 6-2 win over Los Angeles:

Rick Porcello is not fazed by his fellow staff members’ struggles.

Although his teammates continue to deal with frustrations on almost a nightly basis, Porcello got the job done and put Boston in a position to win once again.

The second-inning double by Daniel Nava should have been a single, had Jackie Bradley Jr. not misplayed a funny hop. If that hit is a single, the next ground ball is a double -- and the following grounder ends the inning.

One of the most impressive components of his outing was dealing with Cole Kalhoun, Mike Trout and Albert Pujols to finish his outing after already facing them three times on the night.

Xander Bogaerts had his first multi-hit game in a week.

Which in the grand scheme of things isn’t a long time -- but that can feel like a long time given the shortstop’s output this year.

It was also his first multi extra-base hit performance since June 11.

Oddly enough, those are his only two games of that kind this season.

In addition to the win, Porcello did the bullpen a favor.

Not necessarily because the relievers needed rest, but with Ziegler’s last two rough nights, they could use a break.

Although Joe Kelly and Clay Buchholz got warm late, it was more so to keep them fresh for the coming games since they haven’t thrown much.

Additionally, he gave an example for the Red Sox starting rotation that they are in fact capable of going the distance.

Tim Lincecum is barely a shell of what he used to be.

That first inning was hard to watch. The former Cy Young Award-winner threw eight straight balls, and somehow managed to work past. Even his final throw to first base in he opening frame looked like it was going off the mark.

Just hard to watch in general, which made it all the more shocking that the Red Sox couldn’t score against him.

Good for them that he never adjusted, and they took advantage of it in the ensuing innings.

Camp Observations: Brissett, Cyrus Jones, Butler

Camp Observations: Brissett, Cyrus Jones, Butler

Giardi, Curran, and Perry talk about today's camp observations including Jacoby Brissett throwing many passes away, Cyrus Jones potential, and Malcolm Butler's physicality.