Belichick hopes Talib improves with experience

Belichick hopes Talib improves with experience
November 20, 2012, 10:13 pm
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FOXBORO -- Bill Belichick realizes how long Aqib Talib has been able to practice with the Patriots. And he understands that it hasn't been very long.

So to see Talib's 59-yard interception return for a touchdown on Sunday against the Colts, Belichick was pleased. But he also knows that Talib has more work to do.

"I think Aqib did some good things in the game," said Belichick. "There's other things that he'll work on and hopefully he can improve on. I think as our group plays together this week and the next game and so forth, then hopefully our overall execution as a unit can improve. Obviously we haven't had a chance to do that with him, other than a couple days last week. So, we'll see how that goes.

"Again, it's a team sport, and whatever any individual can or can't do is still impacted, to a great degree, on the rest of the unit: the secondary, the pass rush, coverage disguises, checks, and so forth and so on. There's a lot of, hopefully, room for growth there, more consistency, better execution on all of us when you add a new player in there. And hopefully that will get better."