Belichick to discipline Spikes, Welker?

Belichick to discipline Spikes, Welker?
October 13, 2012, 3:04 am
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The Sports Tonight crew debates whether Wes Welker and Brandon Spikes will see any punishment from Bill Belichick for their actions in the past week.

Welker, after an impressive showing against Denver, infamously said it was "nice to stick it in Bill Belichick's face every once in a while."

For all the thing's Belichick is known for, a sense of humor is not high on the list.

Brandon Spikes meanwhile, was the latest in a seemingly endless line of professional athletes to get in trouble for boneheaded use of Twitter. Earlier this week Spikes tweeted an inappropriate comment that many found to be homophobic. Spikes later tweeted that it was meant as a joke.

Of the two, Spikes seems more likely to receive some kind of punishment, although it's unlikely to be anything major.

Joe Haggerty in fact, was surprised the league didn't come down with a punishment for Spikes. Haggerty referenced the three-game suspension given to Yunel Escobar for an anti-gay message he wore on his eye black.

Andy Hart doesn't believe the NFL has a handle on how they want to deal with Twitter yet.