Bedard: 'Too much risk' involved with Talib

Bedard: 'Too much risk' involved with Talib
November 5, 2012, 5:44 am
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The Patriots made a trade last week in hopes to improve upon their poor secondary this season, but is the addition of Aqib Talib and the rap sheet that comes along with him worth it?

Boston Globe Patriots beat writer Greg Bedard doesn't think so.

"For me personally, there's too much risk," Bedard said on Sports Sunday. "I just think that at a certain point you have to draw a line. And I think the Talib trade goes far and beyond what they've done in the past. He's currently on suspension, so Bill Belichick couldn't talk to him to see where his head is, how he's going to fit in, things like that -- things that he did with Albert Haynesworth and Randy Moss before he acquired them."

Talib is still serving a four-game suspension for abusing the league's substance abuse policy. He claims it was a positive test for Adderal.

"I just thought, this guy. I don't mind trading up -- trade a first, second, third round pick to get somebody. But, this guy? I have a problem with this," Bedard continued.

You don't have to like Talib as a person, but what about Talib as a player? Patriots Hall of Famer Troy Brown is by no means a fan of the person, but seems to be willing to look past that and focus on what he does on the field.

"The guy, he can play. Is he better than what they had? I do believe he's better than what they had back there," Brown said. "He's aggressive and what we talk about all the time is guys that are going to get in somebody's face and challenge them, and this guy is going to do that."

That said, it is a little troubling that Talib's physical altercations are adding up.

"I have no problem with guys getting second, third chances," Brown said. "But it's guys who get second, third chances because they screwed up this, or they screwed up that. Different things on and off. But this seems to be the same type of stuff that this guy's continuing to screw up with so that's the problem I have with the signing. But will he help them in the secondary is the bottom line, and yes I think he'll help them back there."