Arrington on Talib: It's like he's been here all season

Arrington on Talib: It's like he's been here all season
November 16, 2012, 8:26 pm
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FOXBORO -- Anticipation has been building in New England since the Patriots traded for Aqib Talib. Though it's hard yet to say how much the veteran cornerback can help patch up the team's porous secondary, his presence should indeed be positive.
A clearer picture will form after this weekend's matchup with Indianapolis. Talib's teammates did well to continue cranking up expectations on Friday, though.
"He has a few things you just can't see," said cornerback Kyle Arrington. "He's 6-1, 6-2, whatever he is; fluid; and he's just a good player. Can't speak highly enough about him."
For the record, Talib is listed at 6-1. He is one of only two defensive backs on New England's 53-man roster who's taller than 6-0 (safety Tavon Wilson is the other). With NFL receivers seemingly getting bigger by the year, a cornerback's height can't be discounted.
But Arrington sounded more impressed by Talib's intangibles.
"Can't talk highly enough about his work ethic, as well. He's one of the first ones here and the last to leave. You reporters talk about all the time he's definitely buying into the 'Patriot Way,'" Arrington said, smiling as he wrapped air quotes around the famous phrase.
It's early to make judgments; Friday marked only the third practice for Talib. But despite knowing there isn't one Patriot in the locker room who would utter a bad word about another, it's worth noting what, exactly, they're saying.
Arrington went as far as to note it feels like Talib has been in New England all season.
Safety Steve Gregory was just as enthusiastic.
"Aqib's a great player," he stated. "He's in the process of really trying to pick up the system, and get out there and get a feel for what we're doing, and it's fun to have him around. He's a great athlete, he covers well, and it's great to have him around."
Gregory said Talib's veteran status has catalyzed the transition. By now, playing in his fifth season, the corner has a strong grasp of terminologies and schemes, which puts him ahead on the learning curve.
"He's doing a really great job so far," Gregory concluded. "He's a smart football player and he seems to be picking it up really fast, so that's a good thing."
Finding out just how good? That starts with Indianapolis on Sunday.