Are you there, God? It's me, Tim Tebow


Are you there, God? It's me, Tim Tebow

By Jon Fucile

Tim Tebow is the talk of the NFL and pretty much the entire world. Hes apparently a super nice guy and he and Jesus hang out on Sundays to play checkers and talk about how to help the poor.

He is also a very, very mediocre quarterback who is getting 110 of the credit for a team that is being carried by an improved defense and running game. But, hey, he is super nice so who cares! Right?!

This is the story about how a very religious but awful quarterback got all the credit for a running game and defense that kept bailing him out and how he finally got his wish and came face to face with a god.

Tebow was the toast of Denver and gave the people hope that they could get to the playoffs as he kept making miraculous fourth quarter come backs. Well, the media would have you believe it was all him even though he wasnt winning games for Denver, but rather just doing well enough not to lose them.His teammates grew weary of all the praise for Tebow, but what could they do? He was apparently The Chosen One and their dreams of pummeling him could not come to fruition.According to football experts, fans, and anyone with a Pabst Blue Ribbon in their hand, Tim Tebow was sent from heaven to save the Broncos and could do no wrong.But this past Sunday the evil, diabolical Patriots came to town. No problem for the Miracle Man, right? After all, Tebows priest said god was actively interfering in Broncos games to help Tebow win. Still, Tebow felt compelled to ask for one last favor.A simple request. And according to Tebows priest this was as good as done. On Sunday around 4:15 in Denver, Tebows prayers were answered and god did descend from the heavens to answer his prayers.Tebow quickly realized that the old phrase be careful what you wish for could not be more true.God came down to visit Tebow that day but he wasnt on Tebows side. He crushed the hopes of Tebow and the city of Denver, forcing Tebow to try to win a game with his arm.Tebow and the Broncos were battered and bruised as Tom Brady put on a god-like performance and showed them all what a real quarterback is.Tebow looked to the sky for help, but no helping was coming. Nothing could save Tebow and the Broncos from the Patriots machine. God did visit Tebow that day and he brought his wrath down upon the sinners in Denver.A shocked and shaken Tebow cursed the heavens as Tom Brady smiled.As Brady ascended back to his home after the convincing victory he had a few final words for the supposed Miracle Man

Game notes: Celtics look to extend Kings’ Boston losing streak to nine

Game notes: Celtics look to extend Kings’ Boston losing streak to nine

BOSTON – Here are a few odds and ends to keep an eye on heading into tonight’s game against the Sacramento Kings: 
· The Celtics have won eight in a row over the Kings in Boston, with the last loss to Sacramento at the TD Garden coming on Jan. 19, 2007. Current Celtic Gerald Green was in the starting lineup that night. 

· Only six times in franchise history have the Celtics launched 38 or more 3-pointers in a game, four of which came in the month of November this season. 

· Speaking of 3-pointers, 36.2 percent of Boston’s shots are 3s. That ranks fifth in the league behind Houston, Cleveland, Brooklyn and Golden State.

· Don’t be surprised if Avery Bradley gets off to a good start tonight, especially from 3-point range. He’s shooting 59.1 percent on 3s in the first quarter which ranks second in the league. 

· Isaiah Thomas tallied 395 points scored in November, the most by a Celtic since John Havlicek had 406 points in November during the 1971-1972 season. 

· Boston leads the NBA in points scored (46.3 per game) by second-round picks. The Celtics’ second-round picks include Isaiah Thomas; Jae Crowder; Amir Johnson; Jonas Jerebko; Demetrius Jackson and Jordan Mickey.

· The Celtics are 5-0 this season when they outrebound an opponent. 

· Tonight’s game will be Boston’s fifth set of back-to-back games this season. In the first game, they are 3-1 this season. On the second night, they are 2-2.

Beyond the numbers: Kings offense will test Celtics defense

Beyond the numbers: Kings offense will test Celtics defense

BOSTON – When it comes to defense, the Celtics are quick to claim that it is indeed the foundation for which their team is built upon. 
Still, far too often this season, we have seen cracks in their usually Teflon-tough defense, the kind that ultimately means the difference between winning and losing.
The Celtics’ defense will once again need to step up and play well tonight against a Sacramento squad that has shown it can fill it up offensively of late. 
Sacramento (7-11) has scored 100 or more points in eight of their past 10 games. In that span, their 107.2 points per game ranks ninth in the league. 
In that same span, the Celtics have allowed opponents to score 100.3 points per game, which ranks 10th in the NBA in fewest points allowed.
And when it comes to winning, limiting teams to less than 100 points has been huge in Boston’s win total. 
The Celtics have held eight opponents to 100 points or less this season. 
Their record in those games? 8-0.
Within that limited scoring, Boston must also make sure teams don’t get into a nice groove shooting the ball. 
Boston is 0-5 this season when an opponent shoots 48 percent or better from the field. 
While there are several things Boston must do to be successful, having the right kind of defensive disposition ranks at or near the top of that list in their efforts to play with the kind of defensive success that gave so many hope that this would the year Boston would hold court among the top teams in the Eastern Conference.

“We have to get a little more nastier on the defensive end and not let a team come in and get comfortable,” said Boston’s Jae Crowder.