Arbella Early Edition show meeting: Wednesday, April 23

Arbella Early Edition show meeting: Wednesday, April 23
April 23, 2014, 3:00 pm

Each day, the Comcast SportsNet staff gathers in the early afternoon to discuss that evening's Arbella Early Edition show. And each afternoon, Gary Tanguay will post the minutes of that meeting, giving you an idea of what to expect on that night's show, which begins at 6:30 p.m.

DATE: Wednesday, April 23, 2014
SITE: CSNNE Conference Room
TOPIC: Arbella Early Edition Content
ATTENDING:  "Never Late Nate" Long; John Zannis (the guy ate his chicken salad but left the bread on the conference room table during the meeting); Jimmy Canada (funny, he doesn’t have a Canadian accent), and Kevin Miller (dressed for success). And featuring . . . Gary Tanguay (15 minutes late again).

1. We talked about players being creatures of habit, and how when their routine is changed it throws them off. That is my excuse for my tardiness this week. SCHOOL VACATION week has totally messed me up. Just like Jon Lester when he doesn’t have David Ross catching him. A.J. Pierzynski messes him up. Or does he? Freddy Toucher and I are going to talk about the Sox catching with Dan Shaughnessy, noting that the starters have better numbers with Ross catching. It's easy to dump on A.J., but should the pitchers take some of the responsibility. Of course, Lester was hurt mostly by poor defense last night.

2. My feeling is the Bruins have been underrated and the Wings overrated. I said last night at 6:30 that if the Bruins threw the knockout punch in Game 3, the series was over. Well, I'm sticking by those words. The Bruins are the superior team, period. This series should not go seven games.

3. In the 'C' block, Fred, Dan and I will use Dan’s column on the Mount Rushmore of wrongly booed players. We will add Phil Kessel, Tyler Seguin and Antoine Welker to the list.

That's the show on paper. Find out what really happens tonight at 6:30 on Arbella’s Early Edition.